36"x60" Acrylic on canvas  $1800

Astronomy and Water 30%22x40%22 .jpg

Astronomy And Water

40"x30"  Acrylic on canvas   


Archimedes In Thought

48"x36"  Acrylic on canvas


A Season Remembered

36"x48"  Acrylic on canvas


Dream Redux

32"x20"  Acrylic on canvas  $650


48"x36" Acrylic on canvas  $1200

Solstice Garden

36"x48" Acrylic on canvas  $1200

Woman With Aura

36"x24" Acrylic on canvas  $650

Inescapable Hope

48"x36"  Acrylic on canvas


Blue Vases On Striped Tablecloth

30"x40"  Acrylic on canvas


Birds In The Field

36"x48"  Acrylic on canvas


Autumn Arriving

24"x30"  Acrylic on canvas



24"x30"  Acrylic on canvas

Private collection

2020 Self Portrait

24"x30"  Acrylic on canvas


Sam Weis is an abstract painter, author, 12-string guitarist/recording artist, and an award-winning songwriter. She grew up in Eastern Iowa where she was particularly interested in the work and life of painters Grant Wood, Paul Gauguin, Georgia O’Keefe, Jackson Pollock, and Joan Mitchell. Sam studied Fine Arts at The University of Iowa. Her abstract work is the culmination of the exploration of portraits and landscapes in oils, acrylics, and egg tempera. Sam’s paintings are part of numerous private collections throughout the country.




2018: Show at Studio 724, Port Orchard, Washington


2018: Open studio show in Southworth, Washington


2016-2017:  10-month/six artist exhibit at the Keys Jewish Community Center, Tavernier, Florida


2016:  The Huxley-Lavelle Fine Art Pop-up Gallery, Islamorada, Florida


2008-2015:  Public Open-Studio shows in Southworth, Washington


2001:  Pigs on Parade, Seattle, Washington (Sow Hand, collaboration)


1998 to present: Works in private collections in Washington, Iowa, Oregon, Utah, Colorado and Florida


1970-1972: University of Iowa School of Art


1966: Group show at Grant Wood Art Gallery, Cedar Rapids, Iowa