Gloria Avner

Sunset Heron 2

29"x16"  Batik  $570

Pullin' Up

14"x11"  Pastel  $330

Portrait Of A Master

14"x18"  pastel  $480

Heron Dreaming Mangroves

17"x14"  Batik  $480

Sunset Heron 1

29"x16"  Batik  $570


14"x18"  Batik  $300

Gloria Avner draws, prints, and paints with passion, influenced by her life-long travels, study, and interest in the art of indigenous people. She has worked in artist studios in Mexico, explored lost wax bronze casting at Bellas Artes in San Miguel d’Allende, painted in Sri Lanka and India, and studied at the John Campbell Folk School in North Carolina. Her works have won prizes and ribbons in art shows in South Florida, her primary home, and Coastal Maine, where she spends her summers.    From November through May, Ms. Avner teaches the ancient art of Batik, using ink, wax, and watercolor on delicate rice paper to people of all ages at Our Place in Paradise, MM 88.7, in Islamorada.

Find Gloria Avner on Facebook, or contact Ms. Avner directly: 305 619-0216 or