Christopher Mathie

The Gentle Story Of Miss P.

40"x40"  Mixed Media


Ginger Snap Frolicking In The Front Yard

60"x18"  Mixed Media



48"x48"  Mixed Media


City People

12"x36"  Mixed Media


PNW Opera Bird Sings In Her LBD

72"x48" Mixed Media


Urban Dwellers, III

30"x30"  Mixed Media


Petting Kitty In His Velour Onesie

72"x36"  Mixed Media


Poppy Sutra

60"x48"  Mixed Media


Visiting The Tropics, II

22"x28"  Mixed Media


Visiting The Tropics, I

22"x28"  Mixed Media


Across From The Shipyard

48"x48"  Mixed Media



72"x48"  Mixed Media



36"x24"  Mixed Media


A Strong Man

80"x20"  Mixed Media


Lounge Lizard

60"x15"  Mixed Media


Christopher Mathie

Washington-State painter Christopher Mathie has developed a high-energy painting style that oscillates between bold abstractions, expressive coastal landscapes and a language of symbolic forms. His emotional canvases are based on intuitive mark making, intimate dialogues and a free flowing thought process created from trust and the letting go of fear.   His works display the raw, rugged and emotional appeal and natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. 


In his new paintings, images of abstracted flowers, contemplative shorebirds, rugged seascapes and boats navigating uncharted territory act as allegories for a path guided by instinct. The artist creates a personal discourse in each canvas that comes from an uninhibited stream of consciousness. Reaching deeper into psychological and emotional states that arise from overcoming hardship, Mathie seeks an experience of purity within the creative realm. He draws on various interests in philosophy, metaphysics and observations of the natural world.  


Mathie earned his art degree from the University of Puget Sound in 1994, and has exhibited professionally for 28 years.  He has worked with over eighty fine art galleries and with Trammell-Gagne’ at the Seattle Design Center.  He has done numerous custom projects working with sought after interior designers.  Mathie was nominated for the 2016 James W. Ray Distinguished Artist Award, given by Frye Art Museum / Artist Trust Consortium.  His work has also become a favorite at the Museum of Northwest Art annual gala. His paintings are included in private and corporate collections nationally and internationally.

Current Gallery Representation:

Huxley-Lavelle Fine Art Gallery, Online

White Bird Gallery, Cannon Beach, OR

Childhood's End Gallery, Olympia, WA

Howard/Mandville Gallery, Woodinville, WA

Earthenworks Gallery, La Conner & Port Townsend, WA

Millstream Bainbridge Gallery, Bainbridge Island, WA